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What is speech therapy?

We begin the speech therapy article in the UAE first by defining the term speech therapy…

Speech therapy is a type of therapy that is used through speech and language to improve a person’s communication and social problems. The main goal of this method is to improve language skills and improve communication between a person and her surroundings. Speech therapy is usually administered by a speech therapist (or speech therapist) who has the expertise and experience to provide appropriate exercises and interventions to the individual.

This type of therapy is usually helpful for people with speech and language problems. Speech problems can include the inability to pronounce sounds or words, syntactic or grammatical problems, developmental questions, or syntactic disorders. But language problems may include problems in understanding and using language, creating and maintaining appropriate sentences, expressing feelings and thoughts, or problems in conversing with others.

Some speech therapy methods and exercises include pronunciation exercises, exercises to increase the range and length of sentences, exercises to strengthen communication skills, and exercises to improve language comprehension. These methods and exercises are done with the cooperation of the speech therapist and the person with the problem and are designed in a specialized way and according to the needs of the person.

In general, speech therapy is very important in improving the quality of life of people with speech and language problems and can effectively help them in interacting with others and in daily activities.

Benefits of speech therapy

Speech therapy has many benefits, including:

  • Improving the communication level of people
  • increasing the self confiedence
  • Improving individual independence
  • Increase the ability to express ideas and feelings
  • Preparing children to enter school
  • Improve sound quality
  • Improving the quality of life and…


In addition, speech therapy has helped millions of people to improve their language and communication skills.


Some speech therapist activities:


  • Increase the ability to coordinate in speech through
  • Reinforcement exercises, repetition and voice imitation
  • Using visual and auditory aids to improve communication between brain and body
  • Improving speech fluency through several exercises such as breathing exercises

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