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Characteristics of a good psychologist


A good psychologist has characteristics that distinguish her from other psychologists. Whether you are seeking therapy or looking for a career in psychology, the question of who makes a good psychologist can be very helpful.


personal characteristics

Personal characteristics of psychologists may be inherent or acquired. Good psychologists have the qualities that you see in your friend, teacher or mentor. They are kind, supportive and friendly. They have an encouraging demeanor and want your success from the bottom of their hearts.


Enthusiasm for learning

When a psychologist adheres to continuous learning, it shows her competence in her field of work. Because new treatment methods emerge over time, psychologists should study and apply these methods by participating in seminars.



A good psychologist is compassionate and has a sense of empathy and concern for her patient. They fully notice changes in tone of voice and body language. By transferring positive energy to the patient, they encourage her to share her feelings. Then, by understanding and accepting the patient’s words, they communicate with them and try to change them.


Characteristics of a good psychologist

Characteristics of a good psychologist

Psychologist in Dubai


Psychology, like many jobs and professions, is very popular these days and many people want to learn psychology skills and work in this profession. In addition, many psychologists consider immigration, one of which is the UAE.


Why do psychologists immigrate to the UAE?

UAE is one of the best countries for psychology. Every year, many doctors migrate to the UAE to work in this profession. In the UAE, good benefits are provided for doctors in this field.


Therefore, the psychology and psychoanalysis of the Emirates is important for Iranians and also for many people in the world. UAE psychoanalysis can make an ideal life for doctors active in this field.

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What is psychoanalysis?


Psychoanalysis is one of the methods of treating mental disorders that emphasizes the unconscious mental processes. Psychoanalysis is often referred to as “depth psychology”.

Psychoanalysis was first invented by the Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. First, Freud began her work by studying hypnotherapy. After this, Freud, concluding that patients without hypnosis were able to speak more easily, devised a technique called free association of ideas.

Observing the difficulty of patients expressing their problems in this way, Freud came to the conclusion that many of the patient’s experiences were repressed and awareness was withheld.


How does psychoanalysis work?

Treatment with psychoanalysis is a type of psychotherapy. The purpose of psychoanalysis is to convey feelings and thoughts from the patient’s unconscious to her conscious mind, and then the repressed feelings from childhood are recalled.
During the treatment process, the patient, with the cooperation and help of the psychoanalyst, tries to remember childhood memories and traumas, and the psychoanalyst also investigates how these factors have affected the patient’s adulthood. These are Freud’s theories about psychoanalytic treatment.
The duration of psychoanalytic treatment can last from several months to years. During the treatment, the patient meets the psychoanalyst at least once a week; During this time, the psychoanalyst tries to use different techniques so that the client can gain a correct insight into his performance.

The difference between a psychoanalyst and a psychologist


Iranian psychoanalyst in Dubai


How to find a good Iranian psychoanalyst in Dubai?